Rig Move Services

Bluhull Rig Move Services provides quality Marine, Engineering and Safety Consultancy Services to the marine rig move sector.

The Company is a BIMCO broker of Anchor Handlers, Tug Supply vessels (AHTS) and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).  The Group has a worldwide operation, with particular focus on the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Arabian Gulf, North Sea and the South East Asian Sea.

This division aims to be one of the leading rig move service providers, offering the highest-level service that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our vast database of experienced Rig Movers brings more than 35 years of cumulative experiences and we support various phases such as:

  • Location Approval
  • Seabed Analysis
  • Site Specific Analysis  
  • Punch through leg endurance Analysis
  • Rig Move Procedures
  • Centenary Analysis
  • Tow Boat Requirements
  • Tow Surveys
  • Rig Move Masters
  • Rig Move Reports