Marine Fender Systems

Bluhull helps you define the ideal marine fender for the structure, the best materials for the environment and the best design for long service life and low maintenance.

Our Marine Systems are sourced from the world leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced marine fender systems.  The high-performance solutions combine low reaction force and hull pressure with good angular performance and rugged construction. High-performance fenders are used wherever demands are greatest: LNG and oil terminals, container quays, RoRo berths and bulk cargo facilities.

All high-performance fenders we provide are PIANC type-approved. This means the products we supply demonstrate the performance of full-size marine fenders to independent inspectors and determine the effects of different compression speeds, temperatures, angles and fatigue. PIANC recommends that manufacturers should have type-approval certificates in accordance with PIANC guidelines. Blhull is proud to provide marine systems to its customers fully tested and certified 


  • Leg Fender
  • Cylindrical Fender
  • V Fender
  • Roller Fender
  • Pneumatic Fender
  • Accessories and fixing

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