Health, Safety and Environment

Bluhull Group is a recognized leader in sourcing extensive service solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry which satisfy the Client’s and Regulator’s requirements in an effective, efficient and safe manner.

The Health and Safety of our people is our responsibility and commitment.  We firmly believe that a good communication system is the key element to achieve our goals safely while keeping good health and a safe working environment. 

At Bluhull we continuously work to develop optimum procedures to minimize occurrences while keeping a holistic environment by:

  • Applying an accredited ISO9001:2008 Management System
  • Review our policies and procedures in parallel to the company growth
  • Communicate our Group’s Policies and Procedures with all employees
  • Select the right people to undertake an assignment and compliment the team
  • Provide enough resources to deliver our goals efficiently
  • Promote responsibility for Safety and Awareness with our employees and providers 
  • Training staff
  • Measure performance and improvements periodically
  • Response to emergencies and non-conformities is swift and suitable
  • Investigating unplanned events, learning lessons and taking appropriate actions
  • Respect our client’s policies and procedures
  • Comply with relevant legislation, rules and regulations