Super Yacht & Boat Agency

Malta has a long Maritime history which has shaped the actual story of its inhabitants in the last 7,000 years. Our archipelago and its natural harbours have always been an attraction to all those who dominated the Mediterranean. Situated in the Middle of the Mediterranea sea, has still been considered a site of strategic maritime importance. From the arrival of the Neolithic Templesbuilders, followed by the Phoenicians the might of Rome, Arabs, Normans, and Genovese, to the Hospitaller Order of St John, The Maltese Harbours have served as repositioning stations for seafarers.

Today Malta Houses spectacular berths for the super yacht industry. Bluhull Marine Agency offers fully complete super yacht services to cater for any requirement requested by yacht owners, yacht brokers and Master of Yachts on a 24/7 basis. We coordinate maintenance, repairs and engineering work for vessels both afloat and in drydock. Our logistical office is a phone call away and at service to our clients’ needs; We have a network of agents that supports our operation in airfreight and express shipping services, including courier and any dedicated truck services for any marine equipment needed on our client’s Yachts / Vessels

We are well-positioned to consult solutions for owners and charterers, any private and commercial yacht registry search, yacht and boat importation.

We provide services for the most strategically-located superyacht repair yards and husbandry services for you Yachts.


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